Floral Friday-040414


Floral Friday Challenge.


This week’s post is not from our garden…just could not resist snapping these pics.

flower_0050Hibiscus are a beautiful bush/flower.

flower_0051Just wish I could grow them.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


14 thoughts on “Floral Friday-040414

    • Heavy clay soil, hot northerly and just when you think its about time to celebrate…jack frost comes along and wipes them out. We look for really tough coastal, tolerate severe drought conditions, heavy frost and strong winds. When a plant carries all three on the tag…it’s ours. :-). Have spent most of my life behind 80 year old pine and cypress trees. A strong wind meant the trees shook a bit. Here they bend at ground level…well nearly, get baked in the summer sun and we are in a rain shadow. Must go,no. Wedding anniversary today and an early dinner is on the agenda. cheers


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