Training Ducks

Thought this news item may be of interest…

after all anything that helps reduce the road toll.



ANU: Researchers train ducks to use crossings


Australian National University researchers have trained ducks on campus to use pedestrian crossings to help reduce road accidents.

The aptly named Research School of Birds and Fowl Creatures, led by Dr Donald Drake, held training exercises for the ducks after observing their road behaviour.

The team plans to share the research breakthrough at the 2014 International Feathered Friends Conference.




A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Contrast


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



Contrasts.  So many things contrast in this day and age…

Horse_0547for example one horse power verses…

horse_0555three hundred horsepower moving the same number of people.


A couple of before and after photos.

First, as it came out of the camera.

rocks_0653ANow some added contrast shadows features the water and greenery in the background.

frame_0634Another before…


and after.

sunset_0357A sunset like this does not require any tweaking to see contrasts.

sunset_0771Setting sun is a stark contrast to the foreground branches.