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for this week.


I don’t have many photos of statues so I decided to take a bit of licence with the topic this week.

We decided to have dinner at the home of the Geelong Football Club this (Saturday) evening.

MGW, a Geelong supporter, assured me there were statues of famous footballers around the ground.

DSC_0084Instead this was the sight that greeted the photographer in the car.

I don’t think I have done it justice…

DSC_0093-001but the circular formation  of these sculpture/statues reminded me a little of Stone Henge.

DSC_0079It was not our first visit to the Cats Club, the Club’s restaurant.

DSC_0074-001However,it was the first time I had ‘seen’ these sculptures.  That may have something to do with the fact that we had often arrived in the dark on other occasions!

The white pole, right background, is the base of one of the light towers which light up the ground for night games.

DSC_0076Included in this Geelong monument were images of I guess famous Geelong sports people…hope you noted the politically correct language… although I do not remember seeing any female images.

DSC_0038Apart from religious statues, these were the closest I came to finding a real statue…more like a carving?

DSC_0042Once again these were also linked to the Geelong Football Club.

DSC_0039The staff of this carpet store, obviously Geelong supporters, or I will be ‘crying’ this time next week as my team, Collingwood, and Geelong do battle next Saturday night.  I am foregoing an eighteenth birthday to watch my beloved Magpies slog it out against the Cats.

The best part of the night, if Collingwood wins, is the train trip home with hundreds of Geelong supporters! I think it may be prudent to throw in a Geelong scarf in case the Magpies do go down…after all the trip home will be bad enough without those Geelong supporters rubbing it in!!

For those who think this football related post is madness, there was a school principal who vowed to donate $5 to charity every time the Geelong Advertiser (the Geelong daily newspaper) DID NOT have something related to the Geelong Football Club on its front page.  Bear in mind our official season starts in mid-March and with the Grand Final played in the last Saturday of September.  During this prinicpal’s five years in Geelong, she never once had to part with $5.  True story.


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9 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Statues

    • Thank you, I thought they were cute. It also it is typical of the country now that the Australian (Rules) Football League season has commenced. I am going to my first game on Saturday night.


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