Floral Friday-270314


Floral Friday Challenge.


Today’s post does not have much ‘floral’ about it…but it is our backyard.


For the past three months our backyard has been looking mostly like this shot…only bone dry.


On Thursday we had a day of light rain, something more like our previous Western District climate…


interspersed with some heavy down pours like this.

We had 10.5 millimetrres (42 points) for the twenty four hours to 0700 Friday morning

Just wonderful.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday










16 thoughts on “Floral Friday-270314

  1. wow – that is a lot of rain! and for some reason I love photos of pouring rain – it is not the same thing as hearing it for oneself- but there was a soothing mood to your post – and whew – that looks like a lot of rain!!! 🙂


    • Not as much as further west. It used to rain for a week. AAhh..the good old days! Cold, wet and shivering like whippet on a frosty morning after feeding and tending to lambing ewes during winter. Do I miss it…….? And you are right about listening to rain on the roof. Absolutely beautiful.


    • The soil around us in clay. Rock hard and dry during summer for the first 6-12 inches and than wet clay again. Our hot, strong northerlies do not help either. People with green lawns are a rarity around here. I will settle for a grass which holds the soil during strong winds.


      • A type of couch grass is high on the agenda…even if we only do a bit at a time. That evil of all evils controls what and how much gets done $$. My inlaws talk about 1 cubic metere of mulch for their gardens…..thirty cubic metres goes nowhere here. The joys of a bigger block.


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