Floral Friday-210314


Floral Friday Challenge.


In early January this year I posted photos of this plant which was flowering merrily in our garden.


Quite colourful and still young, neither of us knew its name.


Last Saturday evening I decided to watch an episode of Better Homes and Gardens which I recorded prior to Valentine’s Day.

Didn’t want to rush things!


One of the featured plants was our mystery plant…the Dipladenia

flower_0453So thanks to the Better Homes and Garden program for supplying a name for our plant.



To celebrate, I have reposted…



most of my the photos of the dipladenia.



According to Google it has been known, in recent years, as mandevilla,





Floral Friday

Floral Friday


8 thoughts on “Floral Friday-210314

    • Apparently ours is a climber that is definitely not going to climber anywhere. We inherited two climbers in our first house. One was an ivy type of thing on the old external dunny (toilet) which sent its roots into the concrete wall and pulled the paint off. The other wrecked a fence> Enough said.


      • Yes they are very invasive like Wisteria which I love and have but its hard to slow down !


  1. I never saw your post wondering about it, for I could been a smart-(_|_) and told yer. It’s really a climber, Woolly – can you give it something to grow up ?


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