Look Up, Look Down Challenge-Wk-30



Look Up, Look Down

for week 30.


Should you ever decide to take a train ride from Melbourne to Warrnambool your journey will end here at Warrnambool railway station.


rail_0675Warrnambool is literally the end of the line, as the railway, like many other services to regional/country areas has been reduced due to funding.  There are three rail services, to and from Warrnambool, each day with V/Line buses to take you on to  towns no longer served by a direct rail link.

Many small railway services to country areas ceased back in the sixties.   Back in the sixties our local rail line was closed down as it was, along with many others, deemed unsafe.  Unsafe, or unprofitable?  Lack of maintenance on these lines for many years helped the decision to close.  All produce that formerly travelled by rail is now hauled by trucks which are increasing in size, and speed, each year.  

In that era we also saw some postal services replaced by a system which decreed that mail posted at point A was sent to point B, sometimes hundreds of kilometres away, where it was sorted and then transported back to point A for distribution to the person for whom it was intended.  It is probably a world-wide phenomenon which can only be rationalised by management/red tape.

rail_0671Warrnambool is a comfortable three and a half hour train journey from Melbourne.  If you think there is not much city around the station, you would be partially correct.  To the left of the photo is the coast and the city is to the right.

These photos were taken from Cannon Hill.  Driving your car off Cannon Hill will take you directly up,

Liebig Street, the main street of Warrnambool



Look Up, Look Down, challenge



4 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-Wk-30

  1. Definitely a similar phenomena is happening in Canada with trains and the postal service… supposedly in the name of efficiency. I enjoyed this post and the interesting names as well. Thanks for dropping over to my blog today – it is wonderful and hopeful to hear that you have recently installed solar electric panels, and pleased with the results and the economic dividends. Best regards, until next time – Bruce (from through the luminary lens)


    • I think towns in all the countries I have visited have had names never to be found ‘down under’. The only exception is Great Brtain where many of our names originated. Just realised you are down here too. Age is catching up…..


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