Travel Theme-Tempting




Travel Theme

for this week.



One of our neighbours feeds his dogs ox bones.  Our ever faithful Labrador, Maggie, finds it too hard to resist the temptation to sneak through the fence and help our neighbour tidy up his backyard.


Naturally she brings her ill-gotten gains to our back door where she applies everything from…


a gentle caress….


to a full-blooded Labrador crunch.

Ginger, being the lady of the yard would never be tempted to steal anything from a neighbour…


and turns her back on our resident villain.

Resting her head between her paws she offers up a quiet prayer for Maggie’s salvation…


before collapsing,exhausted.


Now Ginger may not be tempted to steal from neighbours but as backyard boss, she is not averse to taking her turn examining stolen property.


With a look as innocent as this, you just know Maggie gave it to Ginger…


Meanwhile Maggie has a severe case of ox bone blues as she waits for Ginger to be tempted away from the loot.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Tempting




12 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Tempting

    • I don’t…but even after talking to neighbours when we moved, this neighbour did blow his stack…five years on. All our animals are on alert when there is activity next door. Makes us wonder what has happened….


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