Weekly Photo Challenge-Abandoned


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Standing tall over Geelong West is the abandoned Cement Works.


As seen here right on the edge of suburbia.  When it closed there was talks of converting the towers in to apartments, however, I think this idea has also been abandoned.cement_0530~~~

cement_0531Easy to see… 


that there has only been one group


of citizens at work around here of recent times.

cement_0539It is the first time I have stopped…

cement_0540and noticed the rubble and general decay…

cement_0543which now surrounds a factory which supplied Victoria with most of its cement.  

In hindsight this was probably one of the first major industries to abandon Geelong.  Since then wool sales have moved to Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, Ford announced the closure of its Geelong manufacturing plant and Alcoa’s Point Henry Smelter is another employer to announce its impending closure within the past six months.  


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Abandoned

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  6. Well done! You know I just spent 10 days in the Nederlands and all the sheep I saw I thought about your detailed sheering explanation multiple times !


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    • Me too, M.R. Those ruins have been there for at least ten years. Apart from creating apartments, there was a lot of work completed across the road (still part of cement works) to create a new housing estate. Blind Freddy could tell that (a) it was probably not the best site to raise families…chemicals etc. and (b) the site is so low flood insurance would be impossible. Now it stands a little like Coober Pedy’s mullock heaps….and has done for several years. I fear for Australia. Our primary industries are, have been, struggling for years and now secondary industries are suffering from magnificent working conditions. Family home, must go


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  10. Love these pics, especially the rubble and graffiti! I’ve seen many such structures in my travels out West, and it’s sad to see them just standing — some in the middle of town!


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