A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Frame


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



I seem to be using random images for lots of recent challenges..more again this week.
church_0311A high level church frame.

statue_1829One of our acacias famed by a piece of garden art.

church_0305Not a regular four-sided frame but I think the two cypress trees do the trick in this case.

bucketheadDuring my search for photos with frames I happened across this one again.

Dear old Brandy’s head was certainly framed by this bucket while his eye was healing.

Brandy passed away in 2001.  This photo was taken four or five years earlier.

He was the most loyal, faithful dog I have ever had.





9 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Frame

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  2. Creative photos for the challenge. I love the church framed by the trees. At first, I couldn’t imagine why a dog would be wearing a bucket. I’m glad you explained, and even though it has been some time, I’m sorry he is gone. It is nice that you have his daughter.


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