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When God was creating trees for earth one of the first trees he created was the boab.  However, Boab was not satisfied with having a wonderful root system and a trunk which could hold water to aid its survival through years of drought.

Boab was not content with these attributes and complained to God that all the other trees grew faster and were prettier than it was.

As each new tree was created Boab complained more and more.  Finally, all the new trees grew tired of Boab’s complaining and sought intervention from God.

God, also, had grown tired of Boab’s complaints.  So he travelled around the world, ripped all boab trees out of the ground, turned them upside down and replanted them in the hole left by its root system.


 And that is why the ancient boab tree looks like it does today.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Ancient


20 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Ancient

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  3. It is also amazing to see the trees growing above all the other trees. They usually are lonely trees way above the others. That’s when you go up to Messina(can’t remember new name at the moment). It is a very different landscape with these hugh trees


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