A-Z Challenge-GG



My GGG Challenge this week


Three random Gs for this week’s challenge.

game_0418This may look like an other motel, in fact it is the Kempton Park

Game Lodge

in Johannesburg


ginger_0072Ginger my faithful friend and ‘guard’ dog looks half asleep in this pic.


flower_0528aMostly Gerberas.  If there are any other flowers in this arrangement that begin with G they have been lost on me.




by frizztext


4 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-GG

  1. Do you follow The Rider, Woolly? he’s a Seth Efrican, and he’s so nice that I forgive him for being so when they’ve just creamed us in the second test …


    • I do and I do too. I think the South Africans are as sports mad as we are. We had to stop for drinks at a pub, whilst over there, which just happened to coincide with Springboks/All Blacks game. We became involved in a short ‘discussion’ with a couple from Germany, who wanted to give up their seats so we could have a better view of the game. It was great discovering that there were others there who couldn’t give a toss about a rugby game. We had a great old chat. Probably stood on your toes by now…right? Ah! Well! As for the test; one all. What publicity for the third game…?


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