A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Atmospheric


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



Growing up on a farm meant Dad always his ‘weather eye’ on the barometer around shearing, cropping, lamb marking and all those other weather dependent activities.


This was Dad’s barometer.

Some of my earliest memories are of Dad giving the glass face a whack with his knuckle as he passed it in the morning.  A quick look would provide him with all the information he required about forthcoming atmospheric conditions.  I don’t think the morning knuckle whack caused the cracks in the glass.  This barometer is from the 1950s, maybe even the 1940s and is calibrated accordingly.


MGW gave my first very own barometer/weather station.

This new fangled barometer also included a thermometer and a humidity gauge.  However, with one or two parts going missing before, or during, moving  house it was decreed not suitable for our new house.


barometer_0477So it was, a few years ago, that MGW gave me a new weather station which measures all the atmospheric conditions needed to be known on a daily basis.

Barometer in the middle, temperature to the left and relative humidity on the right.