Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Orange


My contribution for this week’s

Orange Subjects



We were asked to accompany Number 1 son furniture shopping this morning.

 Forgot to take my camera, or phone, but all twenty some-things are equipped with a phone and he took the furniture photos for me.


I have never seen so much orange in furniture shops before.


sunset_0350I may be stretching the colour here….have never been really good with shade.

sunset_0351I hope everyone with normal eyesight agrees there is a touch of orange in these sunset shots.  If not, too bad!  My eyes say there is some orangish tones.


Now for my pièce de résistance.


Last week there was a news item, on Australian TV, relating to a pace car at a USA race track, which caught fire.

It was an Australian made car…the same vintage as this car, as a matter of fact.

Unfortunately General Motors, and all other car manufacturers have announced they are ceasing to make cars in Australia.

Rather sad when our cars are being exported.


car_0429The “General” has been making Holden cars since the late forties, early fifties.

This is a Holden Commodore, SV6.

Just not sure if it qualifies for the challenge as it is not orange.

The colour is ‘Fantale‘.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Orange