Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-4


There’s a lagoon, at the end of this track, which I have driven past many times.

Today, I decided it might make a good place to take a few shots for

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

whichway_0434Also managed to take a few Which Way shots as well.

whichway_0435I’m a sucker for old gum (eucalyptus) trees.  I think they are beautiful.

whichway_0437You can just imagine young fishermen, or weary travellers,

having a break and a chat at this picnic table.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14-Week-4


11 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-4

  1. Pingback: Anonymous

    • Okay M.R. I have taken a while to reply because I had no idea that we do not use the word ‘lagoon’ in Australia. I will take another look, however, I am certain that the sign board states it is a lagoon. Like the only Pub in Australia is in the Northern Territory, the only lagoon maybe near Geelong.


  2. Beautiful photos. I wish I was there. We have been up to our necks in snow, and now after abnormally cold temperatures; it is warm and we have heavy rains. Everything is a swamp or a mud pit. Enough whining.

    I do love the tree with the picnic table. When I was growing up, whenever we traveled by car, we would stop at roadside picnic tables to eat our packed lunch. And I absolutely love to travel a new road; one that I see and wonder where it goes, until finally one day I check it out. A very nice post 🙂


    • Thanks Robin. I think there are many in Australia who would gladly swap half a day of your snow and rain, for our sunshine, right now. Note, I’m only swapping half a day 🙂 It is a pretty area and the first time I have visited it, in nearly ten years.


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