Cee’s Black and White Challenge-50 Years or Older


This week’s Black and White

50 Years or Older


It must be random week as these subjects have only one thing in common…age.


Not far from where I spent my younger days was an even smaller town which had one notable thing of which I was aware.  This is it.  The Hexham Hotel, better known as The Woolshed Inn is listed on the Victorian Heritage Listings and was erected around 1863.

old_0465-BWAlthough this stone is dated from around the same time as the Woolshed Inn the photo was taken about a hour’s drive further on and is to be part of  a future post.

sign_0442The Argus was a Melbourne newspaper which was printed between 1846 and 1957.

The Argus was known as a conservative newspaper until around 1949.  Sadly, or otherwise, I can remember The Argus newspaper.

More information available in Wikipedia







12 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge-50 Years or Older

    • Every piece of concreting work I have ever dome has my initials and date inscribed in it. Sometimes Dad did not approve and I’m sure no-one will know who I am now, but it commenced after seeing a name or date in an old piece of work or stone.


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