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Have you watched or plan to watch any of the 2014 Winter Olympics?

I watched part of the opening ceremony and some of the events held the next day.  Unfortunately it commences around midnight and ends around 0600.

What is your favorite winter Olympic event? Would you ever want to be an expert in that sport?

Because I have never participated in any Winter Olympics type sports I don’t really have a favourite.  I  like the skating events, from speed to ice dancing.  Curling is always a fun event to watch but never given more than the ten seconds on news services.    


Have you ever met an Olympic Athlete?

That’s easy…..never!  However, I did meet/chat with a few athletes at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.  I was a marshal at the opening and closing ceremonies…a real buzz and highly recommended to any who has the opportunity.  During the last night of competition I watched the women’s long jump and 4 x one hundred metres finals.  The next night, as athletes left the field after the closing ceremony,  three attractive young girls asked me to take their photo.  They wanted a picture of themselves as they sat on the running track, because the track was being removed  the next day.  Out of interest I asked their names and realised they were the competitors from the previous night’s events. 

I don’t think any of them competed at Olympic level, but it the best I can do!!


Do you have a favourite athlete?  Name sport.

My favourite sport is Australian rules football.  My favourite team is Collingwood…a suburb of Melbourne.  With around 80,000 members Collingwood is one of the most powerful teams playing in the Australian football League.


What is your favourite exercise or sport? Is there a reason why?

I played a little over 100 games, of Australian Rules Football, in my late teens early twenties.  Then work interfered with my sport and I stopped.  Exercise?  I could run for miles in those days however, exercise these days is a dirty word due to lower joints showing signs of football wear.  One knee is bone on bone and the other side is a bung ankle.


Share Your World 2013

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3 thoughts on “Share Your World-Wk-6

  1. Interesting. I knew there was a difference between football here (USA) vs. everywhere else, but never heard of Australian Rules. Never occurred to me, I guess.


    • Huge differences. Our playing area is an oval which can be up to 150-200 yards long by about 120-150 yards wide. Players do not wear the padding which American gridiron players do and there is more focus on kicking the ball long distances…60-70 metres is not unusual. Some American clubs are using some Australian players as their punters. But I won’t waffle any longer. 🙂


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