Travel Theme-Yellow


My Yellow Travel Theme for this week.


A selection of Yellow photos from Africa, Perth and home for this week.


This is one of the early birds photographed in South Africa last year.  A Crested Barbet.



The first of many golden-yellow sunsets.




Produce of our little lemon tree.

sky_0760b I might be stretching the yellow theme a bit with this sunset.  This is an African sunset, our last safari evening.  Many friends have commented on the sunsets we photographed as they are not all that common close to the coast…or populated areas.  Central Australia is also known for its sunsets and I suspect such is the same in inland areas the world over.


yellow_0230bTaken earlier in spring


Lines_0257 Sort of yellow pedestrian crossing lines on the road and definitely a yellow curb which usually denotes a loading zone…no parking for the general public.


Rottnest is an island about eighteen kilometres off the Western Australian coast slightly due north-west of Fremantle in the Indian Ocean.

Rottnest Island is home to the Native Quokka.  The quokka has survived there due to lack of introduce predators


WeaverThis is Africa’s Southern Masked Weaver or Lesser Masked Weaver.

I am opting for the Lesser Masked Weaver as it looks about the right size (smaller).

yellow_1906From our winter garden…although there are a few left…or at least prior the hot weather we have experienced they were still there.


Last but no means least, South Africa’s, Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill.  Amazing birds.


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