Look Up, Look Down Challenge-Wk-25



Look Up, Look Down

for week 25.


Today, Friday February 7, I had to undertake a five hundred kilometre round trip to Western Victoria.

sky_0517About noon I happened to look up into the southern sky and saw this cloud formation.  Usually a precursor of windy weather, which was exactly the weather conditions forecast on the evening news, for Sunday.

It is five years today since the Black Saturday fires which took the lives of neatly two hundred Victorians.  The state, unfortunately, is going to experience similar conditions this weekend, as it did five years ago.  Let’s pray that there are no fires and that weak cool change forecast for Sunday morning is a bit more than ‘weak’.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge



14 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-Wk-25

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    • The fires completely destroyed several communities, in one case was deliberately lit, and exacerbated by local government policies which forbade people collecting fallen branches to use in their wood heaters. Some of these communities are still getting back on their feet.


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