Weekly Photo Challenge-Object


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



“We’ve got twins!” MGW exclaimed after Sunday lunch.

“What?” Replied I, my heart all a flutter.  

Blood pressure through the roof at the thought of another twenty years of watching and caring.  

Not that I don’t care now.  

It’s just that they are big and old enough to make their own decisions and only need guidance.  

But, Twins!!??

“We’ve got twins”  MGW repeated.

As usual the father is always last to know.  

She did say something about the doctor last week…or was that me?


I repeated back to MGW…tongue tied for a moment.  

After steadying my shaking hands and hoping my blood pressure was below 150 I ventured from the living room to the kitchen, mumbling “Twins?”

“Yes” MGW replied. “We’ve got twin nectarines.  

They were both growing from the same branch, see?”


All at once I realised that the object of MGW’s conversation was two @#$$#@ pieces of fruit from our young nectarine tree.

Clearly joined at the hip…


and sharing the same branch or seed.

What a relief to know that there are twins in the world of nectarines.

If  I ever hear someone say “we’ve got twins”

I will have to clarify….

nectarines or offspring?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object




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