Thursday Lingering Look at Windows-Wk-05


This week I had to spend an hour or so in Geelong waiting for my car to be attended to.

Out came the camera and a walking we did go.  Well, one  of us walked….


Nearing the end of my walk I came upon this old building….built many years ago and now renovated on the inside to cater for a small industry.  However, the windows caught my eye.



Odd that  top floor windows were totally covered…

window_0564however, if you look carefully you will note that they once sported nice glass ….

window_0565louvered windows like this frame around the corner.

window_0566At ground level there were no signs of louvered windows and solid bars keeping people both out and in.  This is an area which i have often driven through but never walked and ‘smelled the roses’.  I am sure I looked like the typical tourist with camera in hand photographing all that locals take for granted.




12 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows-Wk-05

  1. Now I wonder????? Just what is so secret going on in there. Secret men’s business, drug lab, gun runners !!!! Tried to work out what the writing was in the last photo but couldn’t, and that white paper/rag looks as thought it could have dried blood on it….The plot thickens….


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