Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Back-of-Things


This week’s Black and White

Back of Things



Nearly the back of an ostrich…certainly the car.

lions_0882More vehicle rear ends.


This may be the largest rear end in the series.

ears_0191-1But this is one rear I never thought I would photograph.







18 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Back-of-Things

    • Ostriches are tall birds and the trip was fantastic. Thank you…thank you for asking the question 🙂 However, you are not quite right. I will leave it for a day or so and hope someone can guess what it is. I may have lead all astray by using the word ‘rear’. If there is no more queries I will let you know next week.


  1. Wow – I had no idea ostriches were so tall. They are definitely bigger than emus. I hope they don’t pinch sandwiches out of your hand in picnic grounds like the emus over here do. That would be truly terrifying.


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