Wordless Wednesday-Heat Wave




After four days, during which the maximum temperature averaged over forty degrees, and maxed out at nearly forty-five…

DSC_0436we noticed this magpie and his mate eyeing off a cool drink.

DSC_0437While its mate stood guard our maggie took its time… 


selecting just the right spot to take a sip.

DSC_0439Why it did not drink from the deeper pool is beyond me…

DSC_0440but it took several long sips not fussed about its audience.


Wordless Wednesday

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A-Z Challenge-DDD



Just realised that my post is a week late

DDD was where I entered the A-Z  Challenge last year.

So for 2014 D Challenge, I have…

Duiker_0041an airborne Duiker.


Dung_0322And of course a farm boy would always noticed the bits of dung in the paddock.  However, sheep cannot produce as well as elephants do, do, do…


Dwarf-Mongoose_0031One dwarf mongoose.

He was first line of defence if the rest of the family, up the tree, appeared in danger.  With a guard like this we did not dare venture any closer.

His eyes are bulging because he caught a glimpse of the photo above…


giraffe_N1080Last, but not least, a dribbling giraffe, courtesy MGW.




by frizztext