A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Undulate


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge.


Undulate, ripple or wavy is the theme for this week’s challenge

wave_0250Some regulation bow waves to begin with as we cruise the Swan River.


giraffe_N1079Some smaller ripples as a thirst is quenched on a hot day.  Photo courtesy MGW.



elephant_0105Finally, the last two photos depict some undulations that I would not have considered undulations until I began contemplating this challenge.






14 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Undulate

    • It is and they were so beautiful and peaceful animals. However, our guides said that you never knew what mood they might be in; they could walk by and not notice you or may rip the side rear-view mirror off and hand it in to you through the window. Quite politely, of course.


  1. It seems that everyone is posting photos of the ocean for undulate so I am happy to see your last two photos- not that I ever tire of photos of the ocean. Only that there is a lack of imagination (look at me- I didn’t post for exactly that reason. No imagination!) Is that rhinoceros or hippopotamus skin? It certainly undulates for me.


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