Travel Theme-Wood


My Wood Travel Theme for this week.



While in South Africa we were treated to a performance by a local dance troupe.  Although the wooden deck had a few nails lifting, these young men and women through all their energy into entertaining us.  High kicks were followed by feet pounding down onto the wooden deck…made us quite envious of their agility.


The more we showed our appreciation the more energy they expended in their dances.  Feet were pounding the deck, time and time again, until…

Deck_0366one of the dancers appeared to lose his leg.  Definitely time to call in the handyman.  I thought it was part of the act…that he was kneeling.  The young dancer did manage to extract himself from his predicament and continue with the performance.  More to the point he was uninjured…probably just as surprised as we and his mates were.

Considering this is January 26, it’s time to wish Australia, ‘Happy Birthday’.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Wood



15 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Wood

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  3. I’ve had a lot of contact with custom dancing and know the power in their thumps on the ground. It was totally unexpected although I was not surprised at the dancer going through the floor. I hate to admit it but it brought a smile to my face. Glad he was uninjured. Great post.


  4. Please don’t eat lamb as part of your celebration, though. I saw a photo last night of an Australian farmer carrying two beautiful black lambs away from their mother, their heads straining to see her, hers trained on them. He carried them by their front legs like rag dolls. You came to mind. Whatever your disagreement about a vegan lifestyle is, I can’t find a justification in showering compassion on certain animals (as we are, too) and sacrificing others for profit. Peace.


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