Thursday Lingering Look at Windows-Wk-04


‘Local’ Windows this week


This week a long shot at country Church windows.


shed_1986This is my favourite because I have seen many windows like this.  My Grandfather was a WW I Soldier Settler and many of the farms, where I spent much of my life, were settled in either the twenties or fifties, after WW II. Many of the building practices were as rudimentary as this ‘window’ in the side of the porch/entrance wall.  Even into the eighties and nineties wool sheds were built with a slightly more sophisticated, but very similar window cut into the wall.  Modern windows usually had an outer shutter covering them so they could be locked from the inside.  But that was the only difference. shed_1986aMy Grandfather’s wool shed was made of blue stone pitchers with just holes in the side for windows and door.  This one appears to be made of sandstone which is much softer than blue stone……. Still I wouldn’t like a hit on the head with either of them!! 




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