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which_0261A mobile shot, heading…

which_0263 to this…

which_0262On the road again….



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14Week-2


Wordless Wednesday-Owls




At Sausage Tree Camp we had two game drives each day, with part of the evening drive taking place after dark.


This Spotted Eagle-Owl was one of the night drive attractions.  

It reminds me of some of my school teachers…

“Was that you talking, Woolly?”

owl_0378This tiny Pearl-Spotted Owlet was watching us as we walked to and from our dinner.  I only saw it one night and at one camp.

owl_N0576 My favourite of these is the Scops Owl.  

I love the way it blends in with the bark of the tree.  Once again this small owl was sitting watching passers-by during our lunch stop.  The little twerp managed to look away every time I tried to take a photograph.  However, when MGW stopped to take a photo, it obliged and ‘smiled’ for the camera…even if that included hiding behind a twig or two. 


Wordless Wednesday

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