Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Found in Nature


My contribution for this week’s

Found in Nature



Five Nature shots all taken in South Africa

river_0134I have always like river scenes such as this.   Victoria’s northern border, the Murray River, is lined with what are known as River Red Gums.  These trees grow down into the water as does this tree.

tree_0127I have no idea what this is expect either caused by or built…naturally.

skull_0221Living on a farm one gets used to this scene, especially during a long, hot, dry summer.  Late autumn rain and no grass has grown before winter provide ideal conditions to see sheep die due to lack of feed, no mater how much hand feeding they receive.

Thorns_0321I think, an Acacia.

river_0472Another river scene complete with fleeting wildlife.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Found in Nature




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