Weekly Photo Challenge-Family


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My first two entries were taken on a day of forty-two degrees temperature and included around nine hours of travelling.


This ostrich family was feeling the heat by late morning.

 This small amount of shade was helping the chicks cool down.

lion-pride_0883 By late afternoon this pride of lions had decided that this dirt road was cooler than anywhere else they could find.  The cars in front us disturbed the lions enough to allow us to drive up the road and take some great shots of our first lion sighting.

elephants_0059The next day we came across this elephant family.  The third member was a bit camera-shy.

lion_0529Finally, on a surprise game drive on our last night at Sausage Tree Camp we sighted Limpy and her cubs.  She was about twenty metres from us at this stage.  However, kids being inquisitive decided to come over for a closer look at the tourist.  We  spent about thirty minutes in the company of the cubs who decided that they could see us clearly at around fifteen feet from the car.  Limpy was so named because she has had a limp since birth.  This does not, we were told, impede her when her belly is empty and breakfast, lunch or dinner is in sight.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family




23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Family

  1. Love the elephant photo. It’s pictures like that make me fail to understand why there are people in this world who feel a need to kill them for their tusks. Must have been amazing to see them in person.


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    • I’m glad you like the photos. I do like the ostrich family but they were so far away that the cannot compete with the lion experiences. We were able to get so close….and then the cubs came to us. Magic.


      • You’ve got it! And not only ‘touch’ but touch. The cheetah at Moholoholo was tethered but we were so close and a quick pat was organised. However, the cheetah walk was totally different. The cheetah came to us, threaded its way through the group. flopped down and enjoyed being give a hearty pat around the head and ears. She then followed us back to the lodge and we were had two more male cheetahs wandering around among us. Scary if they turned, but magic to experience. We also did a Tiger Walk at Dream World on Queensland’s Gold Coast, a couple of years ago…one of my first posts.


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