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While in Kruger Park we often encountered wildlife which were either some distance from us or difficult to see.  Whether the fauna was land bound or airborne our tour leader was always prepared with His mobile tablet which was loaded with images and information about all the wildlife we sighted in Kruger.


From the passenger seat, he was able to find the bird or animal and show us while we continued travelling.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-Week-1-14


Travel Theme-Illuminated


My Illuminated Travel Theme for this week.


The latter ‘half’ of our evening game drives, at Sausage Tree, was conducted after the sun had set.


Our guide had a spotlight which he would use to illuminate the foliage…


both high and low.


Although it did not stay to greet us, this large Genet was part of the night life…

genet-large_0472we spotted under lights.


We often discovered interesting patterns in tree branches…

owl_0461along with residents …

owl_0453who did not always appear happy to be illuminated in this fashion.

Elephant_0004bHowever, at only ten or fifteen metres from our tent, this will always be my favourite ‘illumination’ from our South African Safari.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Illuminated