Travel Theme-Possibility


My Possibility Travel Theme for this week.


Once again I have chosen a series of South African,

Pied Kingfisher, shots for this week’s



Meet Pete and Pearl

kingfisher_0216‘You seem upset dear.  Is there anything I can do to help you?’ asks Pete.

kingfisher_0217Yes.  Is there a possibility of you catching a fish for dinner?‘ replied Pearl.

kingfisher_0219 Quick as a flash, Pete had…kingfisher_0220…a fairly large fish in his beak.kingfisher_0221 It was a big fish for a small bird.  The possibility of Pete eating it seemed remote.kingfisher_0222But Pete managed to hold on…kingfisher_0223to the fish and began to….kingfisher_0224swallow it.

kingfisher_0225He gulped…kingfisher_0226and huffed…kingfisher_0227 and puffed…kingfisher_0227 all the time…


…balancing on a small twig in the tree.
He felt sure that….kingfisher_0228 he was….kingfisher_0229pleasing Pearl.kingfisher_0230He took a breath and…

kingfisher_0231wondered if…kingfisher_0232 Pearl would be happy…kingfisher_0233 with him for catching…kingfisher_0235such a big fish.

kingfisher_0236A few more…kingfisher_0237gulps…kingfisher_0238 and Pete was…

kingfisher_0239sure that the…kingfisher_0240 fish would be…kingfisher_0241nestled in his…kingfisher_0242 warm little tummy.kingfisher_0243 Almost gone…kingfisher_0244Now gone.
kingfisher_0245With a bulging tummy…kingfisher_0246resting on the twig…kingfisher_0247

…he turned to Pearl and said. ‘Hey, honey, I caught a fish for dinnerkingfisher_0248

Pearl looked up from cleaning her wings and replied,

That’s good.  What’s the possibility that you caught one for me?

Poor, poor, Pete!

Apologies for the story.  I must be tired, as this type of story and tiredness go hand in hand with yours truly.  

It was fascinating to record this event and it did not seem right to only use a few of the photos.  

All photos are presented in chronological order and are not re-used in this post.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Possibility




16 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Possibility

  1. Poor Pete….Pearl surely gave him hell for not sharing! But in his defense, he did just what Pearl asked and showed her he could catch a fish 🙂 Not sure about looking at these photos before breakfast this morning, though…
    Thanks for the pingback!


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