Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Free and Easy


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto

Free and Easy



Our second last morning on safari was destined to be a walk with the cheetahs.  No-one knew exactly what to expect and when told the cheetah we were supposed to walk with was out hunting, I was ready to go home.  Last thing I wanted to look at was  the flora and fauna….not sure why….just had the going home bug I think.
cheetah_0023-1So here we were listening to our guide when a member of our group exclaimed, “Looks like we’ve got company.”  I looked in the direction pointed and this is what I saw.  A lone wild cheetah, freely wandering up the track to our group.


She came to us with a free and easy gait which left no-one in any doubt that she was the boss.


cheetah_0029-4I only took this shot took give everyone an idea of how close she was, not knowing that she was going to split the eighteen inch gap between me and another member of our group, weave her way through the rest of our group…



…and flop down in mid road like a moggie waiting for someone to pat her.


And pat her we did.



However, she did take exception to one or two people and gave them a ‘gentle’ nip.




And who would have thought that a wild cat would  freely join in single file walk back to the camp.


We were also told that cheetahs do not regularly climb trees and just to prove our guide wrong she easily bounded up this tree.

To see what happened next click on this link;

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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Free and Easy




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