Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Kind and Caring


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto

Kind and Caring



Twenty four hours ago I ventured into our kitchen dining area to be swamped with symbols of a white Christmas.



Snowflakes, blue and silver had appeared along the curtain rail.



All of this can be credited to the kind and caring one in our family….MGW.  Me? At Christmas?
I am known as “Bah! Humbug!” in our household and at work.  Someone has to be the villain. 😉



Even a reindeer had managed to settle comfortably on the ‘young’ table.  I was going to say ‘kids’, but most of them are nearly past that tag.  However, I did still query the absence of one of the six white boomers.



Even the cups and table-cloth were matching….but not a gum leaf in sight.  The only sign this may have  any connection to Australia was the wooden knife handles which MGW’s brother-in-law had hand-made for us.


And this is the table cam view from Woolly’s chair.  Nearly forgot to mention, yesterday is one of days of the year where I insist on  taking care of all the washing up of table ‘crockery’ 😉

To all still celebrating Christmas I hope yours is a happy as ours was.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘six white boomers‘, click here.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Kind and Caring



A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Reflect


My contribution for Word of the Week


Challenge this week.


I am sure that Maggie was reflecting on the past year, or may she reflected on the prospects of some leftover Christmas lunch, as we prepared for the Christmas invasion yesterday morning.


More of these photos at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge





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A-Z Challenge-Z-Z-Z

My contribution to this week’s Z challenge.


I felt that Frizz issued a challenge last week, with this comment.

frizztext | December 18, 2013 at 21:30 (Edit)

O.K., Y = yachts along the Swan River was easy for you – but you don’t have Zebras swimming in that river:

next week: letter “Z”!

They may not be swimming in the Swan River but…


I just..


….had to…

2 DSC_0141-Zebras

…accept, with Zebras everywhere.




zebra_00371..my favourite


Merry Christmas Frizz and Happy New Year.

It’s been fun




by frizztext

Travel Theme-Winter


My Winter Travel Theme for this week.



It’s about summer solstice time in the Southern Hemisphere and to celebrate the sun set in a blaze of glory on Sunday night.  The view out our back door was spectacular and I will publish some more, when appropriate, in weeks to come.

Apart from some cropping, there has been no computer ‘work’ on this photo.  


Decided to show the whole photo…TV antennas and all.  


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Winter


Floral Friday-2012


Floral Friday challenge.


A late entry this week.





Floral Friday

Floral Friday


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Look Up, Look Down Challenge-19



Look Up, Look Down

for week 19.



This was the biggest, longest praying mantis I have ever seen.




Look Up, Look Down, challenge



Weekly Photo Challenge-One


My One contribution for this week.

When I saw this week’s challenge was “One” I nearly did not enter as it seems only a few weeks ago that this was the topic for Cee’s.

Decorations_0464hA look around our living room revealed more than one present under the tree..

Decorations_0450a…more than one tinsel…

Decorations__0451b…and certainly more than one bauble.


They were different…



Decorations_0457e…and sizes.


More lights than I cared to count…

Decorations_0453f And I thought how lucky we are.  Then suddenly I spied, high up on the tree…

Decorations_0466j…a single solitary Christmas star.

A reminder of the very first Christmas.


Merry Christmas

to all out there in the blogosphere.  

May your Christmas be peaceful and safe,

and may everyone

have a happy, safe and prosperous

New Year.


Weekly Photo Challenge: One