Weekly Photo Challenge-Joy


My Joy contribution for this week’s challenge comes from photos taken in the latter part of this year while in Africa.  I do like all of these photos and I keep finding more.

I hope they bring you joy also.

4_103 DSC_0037






10_DSC_0310-moholoholo ~~~

God's_Window_0130God’s Window



Cubs_0555What can bring more joy than a roll in elephant dung?

Decorations_0466jAnd there is always Christmas joy.

Finally, from Africa Geographic Facebook page I found this Christmas cracker joke:

 Q. Why did the lion lose at poker?
A. Because he was playing with a cheetah!

Lion_0943I have used one of my own photos instead of illegally using Carole Deschuymere’s photo.

Pleeaassee take time out to look at Ms. Deschuymere’s photo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy




26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Joy

    • Margaret Rose I nearly ‘choked’ (laughing) when I read your comment, then had to visit my post to see what you were referring to. I can assure you my lens was/is only a 70-300 mm zoom. We had some fantastic encounters of the best kind. Lioness and cubs were as close as they look, like wise the cheetah. I would like a longer lens though!!!


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  9. this was a small adventure to scroll through – favorite one is God’s window – but also loved the fourth picture – nice angle with the teeth and you can see the photographer (or someone) reflected in the eye! and okay, now the fun part of this post came by adding a joke – way cool – and I am going to store that one in my joke arsenal for the next time I meet up with my young nieces – because fun little jokes enrich anything!

    oh, and per your request – checked out Ms. Deschuymere’s photo – and it is wonderful.
    Have a great rest of 2013 Wooly Muses!


    • Sometimes I think I am boring people with similar photos from Africa, but we loved it so much and God’s Window was one of the attractions after a weekend at Mt Sheba. I’m glad you like, and will have a use for the joke. We just loved the photo with which it was used. Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a Happy New Year. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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