Thursday Lingering Look at Windows-Wk-49


I was thinking of  a change this week and realised that Christmas would  be over by next Thursday.  So, decided to give the Church windows another run as churches all over the world play an important part in the Christmas festivities.



We will not see an empty seat next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Church_0357I suspect the old altar will be covered with flowers and other Christmas decorations.






Church_0389 ~~~~~


Church_0391 Hope you enjoyed these windows for this Thursday.




10 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows-Wk-49

    • I wouldn’t think it possible. Most minsters of religion are reluctant to let photographers into churches while a service or Mass is in progress. I spent quite a few years being told where and when I could take photos during weddings, which I found interesting. Most religions we happy that the congregation had gather to witness the union of……….but most were not happy to have it discretely photographed for the happy couple.


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