Cee-Black-White Challenge-Pets


One of our pets for this week’s

Black and White Challenge.




Soxie, our only cat, had a trip to the vet a week or two ago.  

He was diagnosed with diabetes and needs insulation every day.


Soxie and I have a ‘love-hate’ relationship.

He loves to hate me and in return I reciprocate his gesture


He went back for a check up last week and returned home with these pressure socks on his feet.  You can tell by his glare, in this photo, that he knew I was laughing at him.



We, yes WE, were laughing at the way he was flicking his leg trying to get rid of the bandages which the vet had forgotten to remove.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge



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12 thoughts on “Cee-Black-White Challenge-Pets

    • Adorable??? He would get abig head if I told him you said that. :-). As for the pressure socks we have no idea. Don’t think we were supposed to see them as vet forgot to remove them. Maybe they are to help blood circulation as with DVT stockings.


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