A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Track


My “Tracks” for this week.River_0222This reposted river bed is full of tracks….even if they are wheel tracks.

DSC_0425aThis, on the other hand, is a bona fide animal track, though not sure which one.

DSC_0548“Stay in the vehicle at all times” we were told.  So what does guide number one do?  Wanders off down a track looking for tracks!

DSC_0549There could be a lion, leopard, rhinoceros or elephant lurking in the scrub at road’s edge.


DSC_0550aJust as we were beginning to think guide number one had lost his marbles,

our driver decided to join him.


DSC_0551…leaving us alone and hoping the hand brake was on…

DSC_0552…while they kicked and scratched around in the sand..


DSC_0554… determining just what these tracks belonged to.





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