Which Way Challenge-Week-15


 On this occasion we knew which way we were going…

Monkeys_0475..when suddenly our path was being intercepted…

Monkeys_0476 …by a whole family…

Monkeys_0477…out for an evening stroll.


Little did they care, that our eyes were fastly fixed..

Monkeys_0479…on the track they slowly crossed.Monkeys_0479Patiently we wait…

Monkeys_0480…and waited…


…and just when we thought it was safe, along came the kids…

Monkeys_0482…scampering this way…and that.


So we waited some more.

Monkeys_0484At last!  Kids all gone…

Monkeys_0485…we can move on.

Monkeys_0486Then out pops grandpa…


Monkeys_0488…bringing up the rear.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-Week-15


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