Look Up, Look Down Challenge-18



Look Up, Look Down

a sequel to last week.


This post is especially for restlessjo who suspected that this,

last week’s

Look Up, Look Down

photo was of 

‘a rather large baby.


…and for all intents and purposes he was a large baby.

However, baby Tembo, is now thirty years old, weighs in at 6 tons and

killed four rhinoceros when he was much younger.

When we paid him a visit he was something to look up to.




An awesome experience.

I would hate to change his nappy now!

Our  Imagine Africa guide actually raised Tembo many years  ago.  

They had a quiet reunion….and he had not forgotten.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge


11 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-18

    • Our guide just told us he had raised Tembo for 18 years, don’t know how Richard came into possession of him. Tembo went silly after his mother was killed and he in turn killed four rhinos. Richard and Tembo had not seen each other for ten years and had a private meeting. Richard said said Tembo remembered him….they had not seen each other for ten years.

      Tembo was part of the presentation at Elephant Whispers, a sanctuary for elephants. There is a tunnel under the road so the Ellie’s can have more room to roam. EW is at Hazyview in South Africa and is operated by a bloke who played rugby in NSW at a high level , I think.


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