A-Z Challenge-W-W-W

My contribution to this week’s W challenge.



This herd of wildebeest didn’t bother to spare us a glance as they trudged through the heat.  Reaching the waterhole was the only thing on their minds.



These, I believe, are Mopani Worms.  Or just ‘worms’.  One of our party was kidded into purchasing a bag of these delicacies and then tried to be a good Christian citizen and SHARE them with the rest of us.



In a moment of madness I did try one.  Much to my horror it looked like the Australian Witchetty Grub, which lives in acacia trees.  I thought that the grubs/worms had at least been cooked in something because they were brown, live Wichetty Grubs are a whitish colour. Alas wrong again..what’s new?  These worms are just left to dry out, then packaged.  No-one has suffered any ill effects, and they would probably keep you alive and make a good snack…if there was nothing else to eat.  They are worth a try if ever  in South Africa, if for no other reason it makes a topic for a post when you arrive home. 🙂




by frizztext

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