Floral Friday-2911


Floral Friday challenge.



I took this shot in Kruger Park but do not know what the flower is called.  I have seen similar ones in Australia except the Aussie version droops down from a tree, or similar.

Google has plenty of results for “Trumpet Flower” and it appears that the flower can droop or be upright like this one.  All are poisonous….not sure how poisonous, but I’m not going to try one. 🙂


Floral Friday

Floral Friday



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6 thoughts on “Floral Friday-2911

  1. I recall them… either one of two options… ‘olie bol plant’ which translates to oil ball plant for the large black seed pods or stink horn… I may be very far from the truth… I know there was a plant with similar foliage and flowers but I can’t recall if this was it. Oh well… maybe I’ve just lead us all up the garden path! Again… 😉


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