Look Up, Look Down Challenge-16


My contribution to

Look Up, Look Down

this week.



More birds again this week.


This time a pair of Lilac Breasted Rollers and no points for guessing where they were sitting.  Our  guides pointed out rollers on a regular basis….unfortunately my eye sight prevented me from appreciating them in the wild.  It is only after viewing my pictures that I can see how pretty they are.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge


8 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge-16

  1. These are one of my very favourite birds, absolute beauties. Thank you for linking them to this week’s look Up Look Down Challenge (and congratulations on getting your post up before mine!)


    • It’s been one of those weeks where the benefits of technology scheduling have been put to use which may account for my early post. Being 9-10 hours in front of Greenwich gives me a slight edge 🙂


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