A-Z Challenge-V-V-V

My contribution to this week’s V challenge.


Of these photos, who has the best view?


Perhaps this vibrant blue starling sitting in the tree?  I was told that South African starlings do not possess any colour, their colour is simply reflected light.  Much prettier than the nuisance starlings that I have grown up with.



Our guide had first view of anything while on our game drives.  I honestly don’t know how he managed to stay in the seat at times.


Volture_1325b But I think I might take the cake, at least for best view of this vulture at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre. Talk about ‘up close and personal’. They are much bigger and heavier than they appear in the movies…and I did need that extra hand to help me hold it up while it ate the meat from the glove.  All fingers still accounted for..and counting. 🙂




by frizztext



2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-V-V-V

  1. Great response to the challenge, Woolly! 🙂 That vulture would definitely have been too close for comfort, for me. Ashamed to say I’m just writing my UUU post this morning, and S and T didn’t get a lookin.


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