A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Lines


My Word of the Week Challenge-Lines


I had suggested to my AIL (Auntie-In-Law) that we have lunch at Ocean Grove this afternoon as Number 2 son is on a temporary work placement there.  Armed with my Nikon D90 I thought I may see a few lines for this week’s challenge.


I had hardly commenced my drive when power lines became evident.



Then there were lines telling me to drive…or not to drive…



…where I  could park…


…and where I could not park.


…and where to walk…safely



Around sporting venues there were plenty of lines holding lights in  place.



Then there were these lines to which I would find intolerable, there is too much country blood in my veins.



Finally we reached Ocean Grove.  While lines of waves rolled in on cool November day, my AIL was able to tell me that this was Bass Strait..



…and that proceeding left would take us to Sydney (NSW) while going right would find us in Adelaide, South Australia.   There was a boat sailing into the distance in a straight line from us…I was told it was probably going to New Zealand…






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