Travel Theme-Short


My Travel Theme for this week.


I hope I have correctly remembered the names of two of the smallest antelopes we sighted in Kruger National Park.


My first offering is the Steenbok.

Steenbok_0468bThe Steenbok is a small, finely built member of the antelope family, only growing to 52 cm at the shoulder.



Grysbok-45_0549b Finally, I am not sure if this is Sharpe’s Grysbok or the Cape Grysbok.  We have Sharpe marked in our book but both the photos of Sharpe’s Grysbok have horns whereas the Cape Grysbok is not sporting horns in either the male of female.  Therefore I am tending to lean towards the Cape Grysbok.  Please let me know which it is if you are familiar with the grysboks.

It makes my short list because it only grows to 45 cm at the shoulder and looks at lot smaller when sitting up in a vehicle.  The grysboks we sighted tended to graze in, around, behind and under bushes as this one did.  This is the best photo I have of a grysbok.

Thank you de Wets Wild for clarifying that this photo is indeed of a female Sharpe’s Grysbok. I should never have doubted MGW’s recording of animals sighted 🙂


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Short


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