Phoneography-Perth Bell Tower

My Phoneography contribution for several weeks.


We spent a few days in Perth after returning from South Africa.  

We were told one of the ‘must sees’ was  the Perth Bell Tower



I featured the Bell Tower in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge a week or so ago.



The Tower houses the oldest bell in Australia which once rang out from the Upton Grey church in Hampshire, according the above information.



We were lucky enough to arrive shortly before the bells began to peal and had some time to explore the tower and view the bells as they tolled 🙂

Unfortunately I cannot upload video to my blog.

The Bell Tower is well worth a visit while in Perth.





19 thoughts on “Phoneography-Perth Bell Tower

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  4. I was drawn immediately into the first image–very, very nice. So delighted to see your work and you again. I’m going to see a bell tower at a regional horticultural center this week. But it’s not as gracious as the one in Perth. Happy Phoneography Monday.


    • Thank you for your kind words. It is always nice to read about other peoples’ experiences and especially see their photography. As for sharing… is my pleasure. My photos may be a bit rough around the edges, but it is, and has been, my hobby for many years now. I am going to stop rambling…if for no other reason than its late.


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