Wordless Wednesday-Cheetah


Walking with a Cheetah


Our second last morning in South Africa was scheduled as ‘a walk with a cheetah’.  We set out with high expectations.  Alas, our cheetah was nowhere to be found.  Off ‘feeding’ was the explanation.  All we could do was follow our guide while he pointed out various animal tracks, dung and types of flora.

Cheetah_0025aI was listening attentively when a voice announced, ‘We’ve got company’.  This was the sight to which the speaker was referring. 



I could not believe what I was seeing.  She sauntered down the road, split the two foot gap between me and another member of our group, wove her way through the rest of the group…



…and like any house cat flopped down where she felt it was comfortable and waited to be patted.



All the time she kept an eye out on what was going on around her.



Afterwards she showed us that she could climb trees…

although going up was far more graceful going up,

than coming down.



What a beautiful, majestic face.


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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Cheetah

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    • After talking to a member of the group which did the same trip a week later, I think we were very lucky, there were no cheetahs around for the second trip. We saw many animals, at close quarters.


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