Share Your World-2013-Week-40


Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?

I sometimes have a vague idea of what I would like to do but seldom have plans in concrete.  Ask a local and one often finds out more useful information in a few minutes than hours of internet research will provide.  For example, our recent visit to Perth was not planned, fortunately  as we arrived nearly 12 later than scheduled.  However, after reading a few brochures while recovering from lack of sleep over two nights we formulated a couple of relaxing activities and discovered an inexpensive of way of navigating our way around the city.

Many years ago on a visit to the British Isles I only had a few things I wanted to see, namely Galway Bay, Loch Lomond and the Isle of Skye.  I missed out on the  Ilse of Skye because the lady at the Glasgow  bus depot told me’….it was too far…’  The rest of my visit was planned ‘on the run’ so to speak.


Do you play video/computer game? Which one(s) or most recent? 

No they are mindless, time-wasting non-productive exercise.  I have seen students waste hours and produce nothing playing game boys and the like, when they have a perfectly good brain with which they could be advancing themselves academically.  I refer to some disadvantaged teenagers I was teaching a few years ago….all switched on but could not get past playing with computers, instead of making computers work for them.  However, I have been known to sneak a game or three of solitaire, checkers and F1 racing years ago on our first 386 computer.  I must also point out this is my personal view and not intended offend anyone.  If you wish to pursue these activities….feel free.  I am sure there are many who think I waste my time also…accepted!  🙂  In fact I was told as much back in the nineties when computers were not as common.


In a car would you rather drive or ride?

This is a crazy question.  EVERYONE knows that a car goes faster when you are sitting in the passenger seat and that the driver is dangerous and not  as good as you are.  Driving of course! 🙂 And if you are driving a red car you are driving 5% faster again.


Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?

This is tough!  

Was it when I became ‘qualified’ to be ‘in charge’?  I learned more after training than I did during training.  

Was it when I was married?  

Or is it personal growth when one learns how to change your son’s nappy and make a game of it…to distract him from his wriggling and get him giggling?

Or when I finished my first three years of university and had my Bachelor degree hanging on the wall?  

Or when my world was turned upside down after my father passed away unexpectedly?  

If I have to make a choice, I will opt for successfully completing my first three years at University.  To complete a university degree at forty-seven was personally satisfying….so much so that I went back for more ‘punishment’ after a twelve month break, for more academic success.  

And while writing all of this…it has occurred to me that many of my readers have indicated they are of similar age to me.  Without taking time to learn how to use a computer none of the above academic studies would have taken place.  Now, I teach others how to use computers…and get paid to do it.  


Share Your World 2013

SYW commences on Mondays-Week 40



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9 thoughts on “Share Your World-2013-Week-40

  1. I really enjoyed your responses to this week’s questions.

    I have almost 10 years on you (age), and I will at last receive my B.A. degree in the fall of 2014. I understand what a milestone that is. This question could have been an essay instead of a short answer.


    • Hi Rob, I agree it could have been a short essay as unless you have done it one does not realise the sense of achievement to complete tertiary study. In my case I did not finish High school (now the world knows). I have told MGW that I want my friends on my headstone. Namely: B.E.T., B. Ed. along with numerous lessor ‘friends’ who were major stepping stones in achieving the two named here 🙂

      I am going to congratulate you on your achievement now. Down Under completing the course and receiving the paper are often months apart. And I initially thought you were referring to next March/April….realised that you appear to be blogging for USA and seasons are back to front that side of the equator. All the best for the rest of your studies.


  2. Enjoyed reading your answers. Checking with the locals when on vacation is a good idea. That must have been some car ride! Congrats on all your punishment, er, academic excellence. There are many changing points in a life, aren’t there?


    • Thank you and you have right to disagree. I was in a was a 180 kmh car in 1978, as a passenger. Both of us walked away with a few bruises and thank God that I did, regularly. Perhaps that is why I’m not keen on being a passenger.


      • Yes. There could have been two deaths, the car, which the driver had not finished paying for, was a write off, and I had a brand new SLR was damaged. Some things are always remembered years after the event! I also remember saying a few prayers not long before the crash and hoping that I could ‘jump the queue’ and be heard. I was.


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