A-Z Challenge-T-T-T


My contribution this week’s TTT challenge.


A photo showing the outside of our tent.




An inside out view.



Tusks.  Undoubtedly there was a telephoto lens involved here, but this is the closest I have ever been to an elephant that was feeding contentedly in the wild.

Why anyone would want to destroy these beautiful beasts is beyond me.



Even at twenty metres this lion kept to himself…probably wishing we would all go away and leave them in peace.  He displayed his teeth for us and you can also see one or two which are missing.  The result of age or battle?  My guess is a combination of both.



This one is a late extra.  Four Ts comprise this photo.  Tongue, teeth and tusks,

all of which belong to 30 year old, 6 ton, Tembo.




by frizztext


15 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-T-T-T

    • Could not agree more and to think a 300 bed hotel has been approved and a theme park is being planned, both inside Kruger Park, left us speechless. These are the shots which just took our breath away. Cherish the animals…..they are the future of Africa. Poach animals out of existence….no reason to go to Africa.


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