Weekly Photo Challenge-Habit


When we moved to our present location, about eight years ago, our biggest concern was that we were bringing rural dogs into a ‘city’ environment. To help them settle in I began to give them a slice of bread each morning as a game.  I would ‘Frisbee’ the bread out into the yard and a much younger Maggie would sprint (as Labradors can) after it.  Ginger being more ‘refine’ would not chase after her food, rather it had to be delicately placed where she could reach it.

No! This was not their breakfast, just a bit extra that I gave them.

Pets_0229a This is the sight that greets me each, and very, morning outside the kitchen window, for many years now.  It just took us a while to realise what a habit it had become. Two pooches patiently waiting for their second breakfast.


Pets_0230a I am not sure who has been better trained….me or the dogs.



Once the curtains are open, Maggie will join Ginger,who is right up against the back door.



Have you noticed the wag in Maggie’s tail?



…and this is our view from inside with the curtains open.



…tails wagging profusely awaiting their ‘breakfast’ from me.



Maggie not so interested while there is no food in sight.



Ginger’s eyesight is not so good so she listens to my voice.


Pets_0237b And listens attentively while Maggie can only wag her tail.



A euphemism for ‘come on enough talking, I want the food.’

I estimate that this ‘breakfast treat/game’ has cost us around 245 loaves of bread…and counting.



If I happen to leave early, or forget to feed them their bread they will hang around the door until they think there is no chance of receiving their ‘treat’ for an hour or more.  That is the major habit in our household…and I am not sure which party is better trained!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit




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