A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Two


My contribution for Word of the Week Challenge this week.


Two from South Africa.



It was interesting to see how these Zebra watched out for each other in this fashion.

Giraffes also congregated in a similar manner so that there was a pair of eyes facing in nearly every direction.



There were oodles of single hornbills around, but this pair I found rather amusing as they amused themselves.

They would commence their act like this, then face each other and ‘tell a joke’.  After the ‘punch line’ was delivered they would raise the top of their wings slightly and bob their heads up and down, for about ten seconds, all the time laughing. At least that’s what appeared to be happening.






6 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Two

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  2. I agree just gorgeous! I had to take photos of sunset and the last light for my photographic course. I took some beautiful ones here in NZ and sent them in. The tutor posted them in his gallery with some awesome South African skies. The skies in SA are totally different than these here in NZ. I think I can’t really compare them with each other. They are both totally different in color etc. Both skies are unique


    • Glad to read your comments about skies, etc. I often think that I become too engrossed and biased in the feel of a new country or holiday destination. I think you are correct…all areas are unique and very difficult to compare. Congrats on getting your photos posted. It makes the effort worthwhile when that happens. Was/is your course on-line?


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